The DLR Push API sends the delivery report of the sent message to the client’s Webhook URL using POST method. create here

To request such delivery reports, first you need to create the Webhook in webhooks Section. Then you will get id for the webhook you created.

pass the webhook_id parameter and value in the API Request then you will receive the delivery report as like below.

Example Webhook Request to your server

  curl -X POST \
  https://www.domain.com/ack/receive \
  -H 'content-type: application/json' \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer %token%", \
  -d '{
      "id": "b34e35ad-fe34-4a8b-977c-b21cd76cd7d6:1",
      "mobile": "918921269xxx",
      "status": "DELIVRD",
      "credits": "2.0000",
      "units": 2,
      "deliv_time": "2021-04-09 16:27:51",
      "sent_time": "2021-04-09 16:27:35",
      "submit_time": "2021-04-09 16:27:39",
      "cid": "1234444XXXX",
      "custom": "9882XXXX",
  • The response codes other than 200 or 202 are not taken into consideration and requests for such response codes are considered as failed.

  • The method used for sending the delivery report onto the client’s URL is POST.

We try 3 times with interval of 30 minutes for failed requests. Continues failure requests will be ignored.

Below Parameters can be used while creating a webhook

Name Description
id Message Id generated by us
mobile Mobile number with country code
status Message Status
credits Credits charged per sms
units Number of sms parts
deliv_time Delivery time in date format (yyyy-mm-dd H:i:s)
sent_time Request received time in date format (yyyy-mm-dd H:i:s)
submit_time Sent to operator time in date format (yyyy-mm-dd H:i:s)
deliv_at Delivery time in unixtimestamp
sent_time Request received time in unixtimestamp
submit_time Sent to operator time in unixtimestamp
custom Your custom id