Schedule Message

Schedule Message

Using this feature of ours You can schedule the SMS to a specified time and trigger it to a phone number or a group. We have enabled this feature in both of our panel as well as API. Using this feature the next day of campaign can be pre scheduled and been work free for the next day.

We will allow upto 30 future days for schedule. You can able to cancel the scheduled sms before 5 min of execution.

Batch Schedule

This feature also allows you to schedule an SMS, But at different time intervals and that is called as batch schedule where you can upload a bulk contacts or multiple numbers and schedule a each part of the uploaded contacts lists at different time intervals.This feature is built to ease the bulk traffic hitting the server at once, instead at each time interval the queue is pushed and the campaign is executed without any ups and downs.

API Schedule

As mentioned earlier we also have this feature enabled in our Api. Using this API can let user schedule SMS to single as well as multiple recipients at anytime.