Schedule Message

Schedule Message

Our scheduling feature allows you to set up SMS messages to be sent at specific times to individual phone numbers or groups. This functionality is available in both our panel and API. By utilizing this feature, you can easily schedule campaigns in advance, freeing up your time for the following day.

We support scheduling for up to 30 days in the future. Additionally, you have the ability to cancel scheduled SMS messages up to 5 minutes before their execution.

With our scheduling feature, you can efficiently plan and manage your SMS campaigns, ensuring timely delivery and enabling you to focus on other tasks.

Scheduling SMS messages becomes effortless with our batch scheduling feature. This functionality allows you to upload a bulk list of contacts or multiple numbers and conveniently schedule each segment of the contact list at varying time intervals. The primary objective of this feature is to effectively manage high-volume traffic, ensuring a smooth execution of your campaigns.

By leveraging batch scheduling, you can prevent overwhelming the server with a sudden influx of messages. Instead, the system intelligently queues the messages, executing the campaign at the designated time intervals. This process ensures a controlled and uninterrupted flow without any disruptions or hiccups.

The batch scheduling feature is particularly valuable for large-scale messaging operations, granting you better control and management of message delivery. It significantly enhances the performance and stability of your messaging system, allowing for optimized efficiency in handling your campaigns.

As documented in our API, we have incorporated a feature that allows users to schedule SMS messages for single or multiple recipients at any given time. This functionality is readily available for utilization.