Mobile Number Masking

Mobile Number Masking

Sometimes customer don’t want to display full mobile number in panel. In that case we will hide the last 4 digits of the mobile number by enabling below configuration.

In user options we need to set mobile_secure : 1 in options.

For hiding complete message in the panel and reports we need to enable the following option.

In user options we need to set hide_msg: 1 in options.

In some cases customer want to trigger an voice call when message is not getting delivered in speicified time like OTP messages. In order to work we need to enable following configuration in service(Transactional, promotional, Scrub) level.

In meta we need to enable voice option as {"voice":{"bridge":918068057xxx,"access_token":"a19eb34810e672cxxxxxxxxxx","flow_id":191,"duration":30}}

Name Description Example
bridge Bridge number belongs to customer account 918068057xxx
access_token API key of the customer a19eb34810e672cxxxxxxxxxx
flow_id Flow Id configured in customer account 191
duration Duration for ending the call Defaults to 30 Seconds